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Michael Florentino Cellars & Sherman Winery


Brad Sherman – Owner

Michael Florentino Cellars and Sherman Winery specialize in European-style wines using Washington state grapes. Owner and winemaker Brad Sherman crafts Italian and Spanish wines for Michael Florentino, while all Sherman wines are made from French varieties. Twenty current releases range from $20 – $41. For example, Brad produces Pinot Grigio, Sauv Blanc, Albariño, Marsanne, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Barbera, Tempranillo, Mourvèdre, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo.

The Story: Michael Florentino Cellars and Sherman Winery

Brad Sherman is one of dozens of winemakers to come out of the Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Club over the last 40+ years. He also studied viticulture at UC Davis, traveled to Europe and worked with many wineries along the way.

Michael Florentino Cellars began with Brad’s personal production in his garage, similar to many winemakers in Washington state. He made his first Sangiovese in 2008, when a local wine shop asked him for it. This inspired him to choose the path of winemaking. Next, he purchased the Michael Florentino Cellars brand in 2009 to represent his Italian and Spanish wines. (The name was another winery’s third label that was used for just a few years.) Further, he joined three other winemakers to rent a spot in Woodinville’s Wine Warehouse District. In 2012, Brad moved Michael Florentino Cellars to his own new location there.

By 2015, Brad also started crafting Bordeaux-style blends under a new brand, his self-named Sherman Winery. “There isn’t a grape I don’t like, and I love creating balanced, fruit-driven, distinctive wines,” he said.

Subsequently, in 2018, Brad leased a Seattle SODO location in addition to his Woodinville spot, and named it Old World Tasting Room. Since opening in 2020, both Michael Florentino and Sherman wines rotate through this tasting room, which also offers tapas.

Unlike many Washington wineries that are mainly releasing 2018-2020 vintages, Brad ages many of his wines. His lineup includes many older reds from 2013-2017. A bit of time in the bottle helps create flavors and textures not as evident in young wines.



Left to right, Julie – Events Coordinator & Wine Associate, Caitlin –Tasting Room Associate, Stephanie -Tasting Room Associate,
Darcy – Tasting Room Manager, Joni – Wine Walk Volunteer South End, Mark – Tasting Room Associate & Wine Walk South End.



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I first got started in wine back in 2004 where I helped out at a local wine shop called Country Cottage Wine Merchants after going in for a tasting.  The owner was so informative on wines and was happy to talk about it in a way that didn’t make it snobbish.  I worked with them until 2009 and due to the recession, they had to close.  During that time, I had met Brad Sherman and helped him out once in a while with events and my all time favorite wine has been the Sangiovese.  I went on to work at Airfield in Woodinville for 4 and half years and started taking classes at South Seattle in the wine programs of Food and Wine Pairing and Marketing which also has me taking the WSET 3 program and the Master Court of Sommelier courses to continue my knowledge of wine.  I have worked with Brad Sherman for 10 years now and love the variety of wines that Brad and Jared produce every year. 



My introduction to the art of wine was decades ago. I was a sales manager for a French glassware company. One of the areas of responsibility was wineries in the western U.S. This was quite a leap from Gallo Hearty Burgundy in my college days. Napa was producing excellent wines. Chateau Ste. Michelle was literally the only structure in the valley. Lots of sweet wines.

The French appreciated food and wine at level unknown to me. Business was conducted during business hours. Meals were a social time. Bernard’s in the Biltmore, lunches at the factory’s private vineyard, meals at the Drake in Chicago. I appreciated the how social good wine, good food and good company was the trifecta.

Years later I found myself working on projects with Tom Douglas, John Howie and other NW chefs and restraint owners.

Shortly after retiring, I was offered the opportunity by the late Jim Loosemore to pour at Airfield Estates in Woodinville. Experiencing wine at that level was invaluable. I moved from Airfield Estates to work with Zerba Cellars. The story of wine, the guest’s enjoyment and the pleasure of developing friendships is something unique to our industry.

A fellow associate at Airfield Estates, Javi, is the tasting room manager and events coordinator at Michael Florentino/Sherman Cellars. She invited me to join the team. I now work at the Woodinville tasting room, participate in off-site events and handle outside sales. Great wine, talented people, and guests, that in some cases, have been friends since Airfield Estates. Gallo Hearty Burgundy…….thank you.